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Legal Vision Consulting

Legal Vision is a law firm that aims to provide its clients remarkable quality services and innovative legal solutions.
We ensure our clients will receive top-level, and the finest services. We have developed a wide range and hands on expertise, in structuring, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, finance, corporate governance and commercial litigation.
We also offer our clients with a diverse network of legal and service providers.


Years in business

100 %

clients satisfaction


Office consultants

95 %

Successful cases


Quality : We are committed to providing our clients with remarkable quality services and innovative legal solutions while maintain cost efficient.

Knowledge : Our pledge to stay informed of the latest market legislative developments and business practices.

Culture : At Legal Vision, we believe that our team must focus on being results-oriented, creative, open-minded, and knowledgeable. This formula is something we are insisting to make our clients continually recognize and value.

Security : We always promise to protect client affairs and ensure the safeguarding of personal privacy.


We believe in integrity, respect, trust and cooperativeness. These values have been extended across our lawyers, administrative staff, and clients.


– Contribute to the progress of the legal profession, insuring its independence and consolidating its traditions and ethics.

– Cultivate the best knowledgeable lawyers who are highly well informed in their fields and encourage their continuous development.

The Goals of The Company


Developing technologies and continuous training for the work team to keep pace with future changes to achieve the best service to our customers.

Egypt Market

Success in obtaining a wide and diverse segment with distinguished partners and clients in the Egyptian and international market.


Building pioneering and global partnerships for sustainable development in order to influence economic and social development.

Raise Efficiency

Our company works to raise the efficiency of services provided in the field with the aim of achieving several main goals. Improving the quality of services is one of our main priorities.


One of our company’s goals on the site is to contribute to the discovery and development of Egyptian competencies. We believe in the importance of investing in local talent.

The best partner

We strive to be the best in providing management consulting. We realize that effective management consulting plays a role in achieving success.

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